Paul Dekort is a Canadian nature and landscape photographer now living in Phoenix, Arizona. Paul has expressed himself through art since he was old enough to hold a pencil. He has held a strong love of nature his entire life. Not an activist, but someone who treasures all the beauty nature holds through mountain peaks, running water, fall leaves, burning skies, and rolling hills. His passion for natural photography resonated as soon as he looked through the lense. Paul’s photography journey started in his teens when he purchased a full-manual Ricoh Kr-5 Super for a high school art class. Capturing emotions through photography was natural instinct. Moving to the American Southwest in 2007, with its epic landscapes, rekindled his love for the beauty and wonder of nature. Never seeing the vast magnificence of the Desert Mountains, the desire to share his passion for photography is being realized. Paul has traveled all over the Southwest capturing the diverse landscapes no matter the harsh conditions. Share his experiences and emotions through each photographic adventure.

Paul Dekort - Fine Art Landscape Photography